Welcome to PageLines DMS documentation, the open source platform that allows beginners and experts to build amazing websites, as fast and easy as possible. If you're new here, continue reading our documentation to get started.

Getting Started

There are a few ways to quickly get started with DMS, you can download the free version available via the PageLines.com, if you're feeling brave, you can use the bleeding edge version available via GitHub or purchase the premium version of DMS, which provides additional options and functionality.

Free Version

DMS is open source and can be downloaded freely from PageLines.com, simply sign up using the Get DMS now. It's free! button and follow the instructions.

Download DMS

Bleeding Edge

DMS can also be found on GitHub. However, this is the "bleeding edge" version. This branch is likely to be broken and buggy, but can be useful for testing new features and finding potential bugs. Having DMS on GitHub means you’ll have a collaborative codebase which gives you the ability to access latest changes, file issues, and contribute to the source.

Download Bleedy Edge

Professional Edition

As well as being open source and hosted on GitHub. We have also developed a professional edition, which included extra options and added functionality such as viewpoint animation.

Purchase DMS now!

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Contributing and Collaborating on Improvements

The PageLines DMS documentation is hosted on GitHub, this means our documentation is open to the public. Anyone who has a GitHub account can contribute to improving our documentation, this includes correcting any errors or creating your own docs to assist other PageLines DMS users.