PageLines Store

From time-to-time you may want to add a plugin, a section or even a child theme. The PageLines Store provides unique products, all built, designed and tested to work within PageLines DMS. This is your one-stop shop for great amenities to improve your site.

The Store is an incredible asset, full of important resources to improve the quality of your website. We're sure you will enjoy it and keep an eye on it for new products, which are added often. It's also a place where you can find and upgrade products, and activate plugins found via the Store.

Accessing the store

To access the Store, you may purchase direct from our website to find the products you need.

Installing Store Products

Once you have completed your purchase, login to your PageLines Account.

From here, all your recent purchases and downloads will be avilable, select the product you wish to install and click the products link to download the product. All products are downloaded in .zip format, once downloaded navigate to your WordPress Admin Dashboard.

Installing Sections

Sections in DMS are now plugins, therefore all sections downloaded can be installed using the WordPress Plugin installing.

Installing Themes

Themes purchased through the PageLines Store are installed like any other WordPress.