Section Column Control

At the top of each section container in the layout you can access the section options, where you can adjust the width, offset size or delete. Hover at the top of the section container to see the section control options appear.


On the left of the sections control use the left and right arrows to increase or decrease the width of the section. The figure displayed inbetween the arrows indicates the width as a span value, these values are based on a 12 column layout.

Section Control

Offset size

To fine tune the position of a section inside a column or container, you can use the offset option. Use the left and right arrows to adjust the alignment within the container.

Section Control


To delete a section from the layout, click on the cross icon on the right of the section control options.

Section Control

Force to a new row

Sometimes if you have sections nestled or positioned next to one another, you might want to move one down into the next available row. To do this click on the double arrow icon in section control options.

Section Control