DMS Customize Options

The PageLines DMS method is recommended to new users or users with limited HTML/CSS knowledge. PageLines DMS has two built-in options for customization, allowing you to add custom LESS/CSS, and scripts. If you wish to add nothing more than a few custom scripts and/or basic CSS/LESS to your website, then using DMS independently is the method for you.

Safe from updates CSS/LESS Hooks Override Sections

Adding Customization


Adding CSS/LESS to PageLines DMS via the Custom Code Options, is fast and simple. All you need to do is navigate to **DMS Toolbar → Custom Code and select the Custom LESS/CSS tab, which will present you with the LESS/CSS Editor.

From here, simply add either custom CSS or LESS CSS and click publish, alternatively you can use the keyboard shortcuts [Cmd⌘+Return] or [Ctrl+Return] to Preview Live.


To access the Custom Scripts Editor, navigate to DMS Toolbar → Custom Code → Custom Scripts Editor.

The Custom Scripts Editor can be used to add any kind of custom or third party <script> such as Google Analytics tracking code.

However, the Custom Scripts editor does not support CSS, LESS or PHP, if you wish to add these types of customization to your website, please use the correct methods.