Dashboard & Your Account


The PageLines Dashboard is accessible by logging into your WordPress Admin Dashboard. The main idea of the PageLines Dashboard is to give you a place where you can get an overview of all PageLines-related news, store product updates and newly released extensions.

DMS Tools

The DMS Tools tab is a fallback system that allows you to remove any LESS or custom scripts that cause the DMS Visual editor to break. Any custom LESS or scripts you added to Visual Editor Toolbar → Custom Code tab via the Visual Editor, will also appear in DMS Tools.


The Account panel which is located in Visual Editor Toolbar → Account, includes three tabs.

  • The Welcome! tab provides a simple congratulations message for using PageLines DMS and a getting started video.
  • The Your Account tab allows you to enter your PageLines account details. This activates the Premium product features and any store products you may have purchased. It also allows you to receive automatic updates and easily install Store products. Your activation key is provided upon completion of your DMS purchase.
  • The Support tab, provides quick access to our Support Forums and Documentation.


If you're having difficulty connecting to the PageLines activation service, you're most likely using a strict server environment or your server has fuctions disabled that are required in order to connect. If this is the case, please contact your web host provider for support.