Getting Support

PageLines' mission is to create an awesome experience for everyone in our community. We have a variety of resources to help you get the most out of PageLines DMS. Each support resource focuses on a specific area, that we'll explain below.

Support Channels


Your first stop should be our documentation, where you’ll find information on everything from installing PageLines DMS for the first time, to configuring sections, and creating your own templates.

Our documentation is now participating in GitHub, and open to the public -- allowing anyone in the PageLines community to contribute; make edits or corrections, and report issues that can be used to notify the docs team about bugs, duplicates, enhancements, questions and so forth. With this feedback, we can improve and maintain accurate, up-to-date documentation.

PageLines Helpdesk

The PageLines Helpdesk is for all pre-sales enquires as well submitting tickets for questions related to your account and billing. All technical questions will receive an auto response, informing the recipient all technical questions should be asked in our support forums.

Support Forums

The PageLines Support Forum should be used for any technical questions related to PageLines products, third-party plugin compatibility issues as well limited customization support. As well as receiving support, you can use the forum area to post and share code and tips.

Support Resources


The PageLines Issue Tracker should be used for submitting any kind of bugs, including but not limited to usability issues, errors and other DMS malfunctions.

PageLines Pastie

PageLines Paste Bin - The service allows PageLines users to paste any type of text, such as code or configuration information. When posting large snippets of code in a forum post, we recommend using this service for your code.

Support Coverage

Unfortunately, there are limits to PageLines support, which have been listed below:

  • Regretfully, we cannot provide general WordPress support, please use the forums for all WordPress questions.
  • We cannot provide support for third-party plugins; please contact the plugin author for assistance.
  • Keep your products current; we cannot provide support if the PageLines product you're using is out-of-date. Before contacting support, please make sure WordPress, any plugins, and your PageLines product are the latest version.
  • Edits to the core PageLines files are not recommended, nor supported. If you have made changes to core files and require assistance, you will need to reverse your changes.


We are unable to provide support for customizations of our products. Support is provided for our products as they're intended to function -- out of the box. Anything that changes the way our products are designed or function is considered customization, our support staff will do their best to offer advice and guidance, as well as direct you to the resources to assist.