PageLines Plugins

PageLines DMS Plugins are extensions based on the WordPress Plugin architecture. If you are looking for information on configuring or activating plugins, please review this guide.

Action Map

The Action Map plugin is used to indicate where hooks are positioned throughout your page. If you are looking to insert a custom hook, activate this plugin to determine which hook is in the best location to insert your code. You can also view a list of the available pagelines hooks here.

bbPress / PageLines

If using bbpress inside Pagelines DMS, use this plugin to ensure the graphical elements of bbpress are styled correctly within DMS.

Browser Specific CSS

Use this plugin If you notice your site is not displaying correctly in some browsers, or if you want to make specific adjustments to your site within certain browsers. The Browser Specific CSS plugin inserts a range of additional classes into DMS which can be use to tailor the design of your site.

Customize Plugin

The Customize plugin adds an additional style.css and functions.php to your Pagelines DMS site. Use these files to add custom css or custom functions/hooks into your DMS site. Using the customize plugin will ensure your customizations are safe from being overwritten each time you update DMS.


The Gadget plugin is an ideal solution for anyone looking to include a graphic based, animated side menu to their site. Gadget can be set to display on either the left or right of the page and includes a selection of icons for you to choose from. There are additional settings for the alignment and offset of the menu to perfectly position Gadget on your page.

Google Web Fonts

The Google Web Fonts plugin greatly extends your selection of fonts within DMS. This plugin automatically updates and pulls in any new fonts added to the Google Font Directory, so you'll always have access to latest font options when designing your site.


Hooker is a powerful, user friendly plugin which will allow you to insert custom HTML, JS, CSS and PHP into specific locations on your site. Hooker can be used to insert code into certain pages,templates or sections and includes all of the Pagelines and WordPress action hooks.

Launch Page

Launch Page creates a squeeze or launch page for your site. Features include a responsive background, choice of custom menu and a selection of colored buttons for your page. Launchpage is easily setup.


Use the Poppy plugin to add a quick modal based contact form to your page. Poppy is triggered using a shortcode which means it can be positioned in various locations within your page. The option to trigger your contact form can be a button, text, envelope icon or bootstrap label. Poppy also includes the option for a custom field to be added to your form.


The Salesbar plugin adds an additional promotional bar to the top of your page. This is ideal for directing users to specific areas of your site or promoting and advertising your campaign or cause. Salesbar comes with 5 color options and 5 preset button colors, allowing to create upto 25 combinations.


Snowfall is perfect for giving your site that festive/wintry feel. Activate and watch snowflakes gently fall across your page